Westside Volleyball League Application 2019

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         1. Create a Usernamen and Password by clicking on Register for a New Account.
         2. Log in and fill out the League Application by clicking on "Create a New Application".
         3. Click on "Submit" on the bottom. You will be given 2 options:
                  OPTION 1: Print out and mail to WESTSIDE VOLLEYBALL with a check.
                  OPTION 2: Pay on line. You do not need to mail anything in.(Preferred Option)
         4. Application is not complete until a check and a signed application is
             received or payment is received on line.

         6. For a different night in the same season click on "Create a New Applicaton" again.
         7. If you are revising a previous application for a new season,
         click on "Submit for a New Season".

         For help and questions - 213-422-3715

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